Impala Snow

2 more shades coming soon

IMPALA SNOW nail polish collection combines a base containing micro, metallic with silver or platinum color with highly reflective, macro, brocade particles that create a vision of „ultimate shine”. Unique new “luxury” formula, made in France, ensures tridimensional reflection with incredible shine that you build on with each next layer of application. Formaldehyde free formula.
1 – Semi-transparent base with platinum color in combination with micro, round, white and macro, hexagonal brocades in lilac purple. For a “BLING, BLING” vision!
2 – Transparent base of fine, micro silver in combination with round, white, hexagonal micro and macro brocades in pale pink. For an extremely delicate and romantic vision!
3 – Defined by an extremely rich, delicate base in platinum color completed by a nuance of round hexagonal brocades in silver and pale pink.
4 – Rich base of fine, pale gold in combination with macro brocades in antique gold color. More shine, better party!

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